Fresh chips coming in June 2019

The Family

Mark Robson

Born at Pressen Hill,  Mark officially joined the farming team in 1991. He worked with his father Mark Snr in all areas of the farm until his thirties, when he began to focus on the potato growing arm of the business. Our Main Man.

Sarah Robson

Farmer’s Wife
General Support. Sarah is a talented dogsbody and whether it is in the office, the fry testing kitchen or in the chipping factory, she is happy to help out wherever and whenever required.


Will Robson

Farmer’s Son
Farmer’s son! First-born of the latest Robson generation, Will is Chip factory manager in the making. He divides his time between the core business and organising the chipping line, where potatoes meet technology and become a pre-prepared delight. Chipping is Will’s future.

Alastair Robson

Farmer’s Son 
A dedicated and natural born farmer, Alastair works all the hours God sends.  He is a key member of our agricultural team and our farming future lies in his hands.

Kitty Robson

Farmer’s Daughter
Academics Officer. Kitty provides vital general support to the Farmer, Farmer’s Wife and Farmer’s Sons!

Judy Robson

Farming for longer than any of the above. Judy is the Mother Earth from whence it all began.  She provides continuing support to the team and is a veritable farming and potato ambassador.

The Producers

Andrew Carmichael

Right Hand Man to Farmer
Joining the farm at the tender age of 16, Andrew has been an integral part of the team ever since. Currently Farm Manager/general law enforcement officer (!).. he is the linchpin of the daily farming day.

Kev Spencer

Robson’s Duracell battery
Kev has been a member of the team since the very first potato was planted. He is the definitive potato expert and Planter Extraordinaire, powering through each and every season. Respect.

In the Field

Arthur Sorrie

Tractor fiend
Former serviceman, Arthur has been behind the wheel of a Robson tractor for the past fourteen years. Based at Pressen Hill, he joins the team at locations various, turning his hand to all things manual.

Office Based

Barbara Morris

PA to Farmer
Beginning as market researcher in early 2018, Barbara is now official Office Boss Lady AKA Operations Manager. Member of general support group and early-bird tank-filler.

Shauna Goulbourne

Shauna is head of Operation Clean-up, without whom we would be in a right mess.

Steading Staff

Sean Goulbourne

General grafter, steading support and part-time exotic traveller. Nipper re-joins the team every spring/summer before jetting off to warmer climes for the winter months.

Factory Team

Linda Carmichael

Human Dynamo
Expert in grading, Linda knows a particularly good potato when she sees one. Now in charge of quality control, this diminutive lady keeps everyone in line with a broad smile and biscuits.

Emma Carmichael

Expert Bagger
Emma, although no mean handler of a paring knife, excels at vacuum packing our produce and labelling for dispatch. Also makes a belting cup of tea.

John Sarup

Our agronomy adviser from the Scottish Agricultural Board, John has been a valued member of our team for several years. Has potato juice in his blood.

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