Fresh chips coming in June 2019

Production Team

Emma Carmichael

Production Manager – Knows every cog in the production line wheel, from tippler to bagger. Responsible for the smooth running of the line, with pre and post checks and practical knowledge of all aspects, Emma is also trained in several areas including HACCP and Food Hygiene.

Linda Carmichael

Factory Supervisor – Specialised in the skill of vacuum packing she may be, but Linda can turn her hand to anything. She is the final step in overall quality control, ensuring that only the highest quality product leaves the factory and is also in charge of Health & Safety admin.

Janet Tait

Janet’s specific area of responsibility, whilst adept at every area of production, lies in cleanliness and hygiene. She makes sure all practices in maintenance and cleaning meet our Particularly Good standards and that team members and visitors are kitted out appropriately during each production.

Archie Allan

Archie works in both the low care and high care ends of the factory, grading and inspecting the dirty potatoes as well as removing sub-standard product from the peeled version. He’s also a dab hand at tasting our new varieties as we test fry them.

Mik Tomaszewski

Mik is one of our youngest staff members and most definitely the tallest. Skilled at peeling, bagging and the maintenance of the farm end, he is an invaluable member of the team.

Brian Tait

Driver – Our chief delivery man, Brian is more than just a van driver. He is the connection between us and our customers, passing on information, feedback and ensuring that our customers receive what they need and in good time. He’s also very good with a forklift.

Carl Palienko

Driver – Carl has taken to delivery like a duck to water. Cheery, organised and helpful, he complements the existing staff, producing on the line during our busiest periods and procuring business on his delivery routes.

Nobuteru Kurio

Kuri’s responsibilities lie in ensuring that the machines and factory are cleaned to a very high standard at the end of each production. Without him, we would not be able to start each day bright and early. Hats off to Kuri.

Aaron Scott

Wooler lad and all round good guy, Aaron has proved to be a bit of a fiend with a pressure washer. A valued member of the cleaning staff, Aaron also cuts a mean potato and takes great pride in whatever he turns his hand to. Applause.

Heather Griffiths-Browne

Heather joined the production team in the height of the summer season and has fitted into the current team like a blue nitrile glove. A grafter, she laughs as hard as she works and brings many skills to the table. Teamwork is everything at Particularly Good.

The Producers

Andrew Carmichael

Farm Manager – Joining the farm at the tender age of sixteen, Andrew has been an integral part of the team ever since. Working on all areas of the land, he also provides both steading and factory with a skilled mechanic/engineer.

Alastair Robson

Farmer’s Son – A dedicated and natural farmer, Alastair works all the hours God sends. He is a key member of our agricultural team, taking on more responsibilities each year and has seven years’ experience on the potato harvester. Our farming future lies in his capable hands.

Kev Spencer

Tractor Genius – Kev has been a member of the team since the very first potato was planted. He is known for his tireless work and complete commitment to getting the job done. Planter extraordinaire, he powers through each and every season. Respect.

Arthur Sorrie

Pressen Hill rep – Former serviceman, Arthur has been behind the wheel of a Robson tractor for the past fifteen plus years. Although based at Pressen Hill, he joins the team at locations various, turning his hand to all things manual.

Harry Henderson

Skilled Operator – Having worked overseas with monster machines before returning to his home county, Harry prepares our soil for planting, ensuring it is at its optimum level of productivity and condition to nurture our young plants.

Martyn Smith

Sprayer Extraordinaire – Martyn has returned to the fold after some years away. He has brought with him his exceptional spraying and digging skills, of which we make much use of. Welcome back, Martyn.

Sean Goulbourne

‘Nipper’ is our very own seasonal worker. He spends his summers working the land and his winters travelling in warmer climes. Always reliable, quick with a joke and worth his weight in gold.

Office Team

Mark Robson

Farmer – Mark joined the farming team in 1991, working alongside his father Mark Snr. In his thirties, he began to focus on the potato growing arm of the business, producing for the whole potato and crisp market. Founder of Particularly Good, he brings experience, knowledge and innovation to the table.

Will Robson

Farmer’s Son – First-born of the latest Robson generation, Will first cut his teeth on the farm side. After running the chipping line for the initial few months of production, he is now in charge of sales, operations and the general running of the business.

Barbara Morris

PA to Farmer – Working on market research for Particularly Good since 2018, Barbara is now responsible for accounts, admin, reports and article writing. She is also back-up driver/line worker, occasional therapist and procurer of refreshments.

The Family

Mark, Will and Alastair, whilst working full-time for Messrs Robson and Particularly Good Ltd, only form part of the Robson family business.  

Sarah Robson

Farmer’s Wife – Providing general support from everyone mentioned previously, Sarah uses her creative talents to come up with ideas on everything from recipes to site improvement and development. She also motivates and inspires the office staff on a daily basis.

Kitty Robson

Farmer’s Daughter – Kitty is one of our brand ambassadors. Having recently graduated with a degree in Social Anthropology, Kitty is on hand to advise on current trends and is invaluable when it comes to finding ways of keeping our brand fresh and quirky.

Judy Robson

Farmer – Farming for longer than any of the above, Judy is the Mother Earth from whence it all began. She provides continuing support to the team and is veritable farming and potato guru.

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