Fresh chips coming in June 2019

The Robson family have been potato farmers for over ninety years, originally growing all of their crops at Pressen Hill farm near Kelso in the Scottish Borders. It was here that Mark Robson Snr and his wife Judy worked the land, raised their children and where the family continues to grow potatoes to this day.

For the past 25 years, their son Mark and his wife Sarah have also successfully farmed a fertile corner of Northumberland known as Turvelaws Farm. Continuing the legacy of Mark’s parents they, together with children Will, Alastair and Kitty, work hard to ensure that the land is cultivated by the most ecologically sympathetic method, whilst aiming for top quality at all times.

Once a producer of a variety of vegetables, the Robsons settled on potatoes as their speciality in the last 30 years and have become experts in this field. Recently, Mark has become increasingly disheartened that the majority of processed potatoes eaten in this country are imported and, on the back of this, took the step to provide Northumberland with fresh peeled and chipped potatoes grown in Northumberland. In doing this, he hopes to continue the happy relationship between the Robsons and potatoes for many years to come.

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