Fresh chips coming in June 2019

Stage 1 – The Farming of Potatoes

As potato farmers of many years, we use a well-honed annual routine by which we plant, nurture and harvest our crops for consumption. From our fields we bring the freshly harvested tubers and put them into temporary storage at our farm steading. Here, they are sorted to ensure that only those of the highest quality reach the next stage. Once the orders from our customers have been received, the potatoes are moved directly to the factory, a distance of approximately 250m, and so the transformation to chips/whole peeled potatoes begins.


Stage 2 – In the Factory

We take a box of harvested potatoes and transport them from the farm across to our factory on the day we chip them.  The first stage in processing involves the potatoes being tipped into the rumbler.  This specially designed drum skins the potatoes at high speed and from there they are put through their first bath.  Once rinsed, our still potato-shaped potatoes are moved on to the inspection table. At this point, our trained staff pick out any sub-standard potatoes and remove them from the chipping line, ensuring that only the highest standard of potato reaches the chipper.


Stage 3 – Packaging & Delivery

We cut our chips in a variety of sizes, depending on the preference of the customer, and currently offer 12mm (fries), 16mm (regular) and 20mm (chunky).  The chips are then rinsed again, removing more of the excess starch, and dipped in a low concentrate bath of Pioneer Drywite to extend their shelf-life.  From here, the chips are slipped into 5kg bags and vacuum packed for freshness.


After being labelled, they are packed into our refrigerated vans and delivered straight to our customers’ doors by our regular drivers.

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