Fresh chips coming in June 2019

So, what can we supply to you?

Our farm is Red Tractor Assured, a standard which we proudly work hard to maintain. 

We take our potatoes from the field, sort them, peel them, wash them and cut them to order.  They are then vacuum packed on site and refrigerated, which gives them a shelf-life of 5 days from the day of production.  They are delivered the day they are chipped, to ensure that the customer has the optimum number of days to make use of them.

Fresh Chips

ramos chips

We currently offer seven potato varieties, which are specialist chippers and chip to our high standard. Accord, Daisy, Sagitta, Ramos and Markies varieties offer the correct characteristics and flavour to produce excellent chips.

Whole Peeled & Quarter Cut

panther roast potatoes

We grade, peel and pack potatoes for you to mash or slice thinly. We use the versatile Panther, Marfona Saxon varieties.

We can also produce quarter cut potatoes to save you even more time, how you prepare them is entirely up to you.

Cut to size in Kilogram bags

We cut them to the size you require and supply them in 5kg, on which we offer a collection and recycling service.
The sizes on offer are as follows:

Shoe String (16mm) / Fries (12mm) / Regular (16mm) / Chunky (20mm)

chips sizes

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