Fresh chips coming in June 2019

So, what can we supply to you?

Our farm is Red Tractor Assured, a standard which we proudly work hard to maintain. 

We take our potatoes from the field, sort them, peel them, wash them and cut them to order.  They are then vacuum packed on site and refrigerated, which gives them a shelf-life of 5 days from the day of production.  They are delivered the day they are chipped, to ensure that the customer has the optimum number of days to make use of them.


chips sizes


Freshly Cut Chips

We supply a range of fresh chips, from 10mm to 20mm in size, produced from potato varieties which are expressly chosen to chip. These varieties, which we use depending on season and quality, include Accord, Sagitta, Ramos and Markies.

They are produced across our potato line, which sees the raw potato being peeled, washed, chipped and vacuum packed within the space of an hour. Also produced with skin on, for a more rustic look. When refrigerated, these 5 or 10kg bags have a shelf-life of up to seven days.

Our 20mm variety is hand-cut so that this chunky chip is cut perfectly straight. These are extremely popular with pubs and high-end restaurants in the local area.

Potatoes washed, peeled, cut and ready for frying, removing the chore of chip preparation.

No rumbling – saving on initial costs, electricity, noise and time
No peeling or cutting – saving on hours of manual labour/storage space
No effluent – say goodbye to peelings, starchy water and dirt and protect your drains

Size Available: 11mm (hand cut), 14mm, 16mm, 20mm (hand cut)

Skin Type: Skin on / skin off

Bag Size: 5kg or 10kg


Whole Peeled & Quarter Cut

panther roast potatoes

We grade, peel and pack potatoes for you to mash, boil or roast. Traditionally, we use the versatile Markies and Saxon varieties for this, but have also added the high end, rustic Yukon Gold to our range, which are excellent for mashing.

Our whole potatoes can come either whole or quarter cut. Whether using in soups, casseroles, as side or main dishes, no washing or peeling will save significant preparation time. Roasties have never been so easy or delicious.

Skin Type: Skin Off

Bag Size: 5kg

Who should buy these: Hotels, Restaurants, Catering Companies and home use


Add a French twist to your menu with these tasty cubes of delight. We dice the potatoes to either 10mm or 20mm cubed, ready for you to herb, oil and roast. They can be used as a side dish, as the topping of a hearty hot-pot or in a mixed salad. Versatile, convenient and tasty.

Sizes Available: 10mm, 20mm

Skin Type: Skin Off

Bag Size: 5kg

Who should buy these: Restaurants or Hotels


A truly delicious method of adding the potato to your dish.  Leave all of the geometry to us as we shape and perfect our potatoes into fondants for you.  Our current chosen size is 30mm thickness to 60mm diameter and come in packs of 6.  These perfect potato discs are ready for searing in butter and simmering in stock.  Such a treat, without any measuring or carving on your part.

Sizes Available: 30mm x 60mm

Skin Type: Skin off

Bag Size: Ordered per fondant (minimum of 10)

Who should buy these: Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Companies


These eye-catching, rugby-ball shaped beauties provide a hint of intrigue to your plate. Accurately cut by us, they can be sauteed, herbed and roasted until golden and flavoursome, looking striking and tasting delicious. Creamy, buttery and crispy, they will elevate any dish.

Sizes Available: 60g

Skin Type: Skin off

Bag Size: per 25

Who should buy these: Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Companies

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