Fresh chips coming in June 2019
  • Particularly Good

    Grown & Chipped on the Farm Our potatoes are carefully selected to produce the perfect chipOur Products

  • Particularly Good

    Freshly dug, selected & packed All of our potatoes are grown and packed at our farm in Northumberland.Our Potatoes

  • Particularly Good

    We really love potatoes Chipped, mashed, roasted, sautéed, dauphinoise - hungry yet?Contact Us

It’s an amazing fact that the chips served in your local fish & chip restaurant may well have come from Egypt or Canada!

As potato farmers, we think that is simply crazy – which is why we launched Particularly Good Potatoes, supplying quality processed chips and potato products to chip shops and restaurants.

All of our potatoes are grown here on our own farm in Northumberland. Once harvested, these are then transported to our processing plant on the farm where they are washed, processed and packed ready for distribution. Waste water and starch is put back onto the potato crop as a valuable feed and the materials we wrap out products in is collected for recycling from our customers.

A true virtuous circle! Take a look at our current range of products and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us – our potato experts are on-hand to help!



Why Particularly Good ?

From the moment we chose our brand name, it has been our aim to provide the very best product and service possible.

Using our highly experienced and qualified workforce, we can plant, grow and harvest a variety of crops.
But this is only the first step.

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